The Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association strives to serve the needs of criminal defense attorneys throughout Nebraska by conducting numerous seminars, publishing a newsletter and maintaining a brief bank.

Criminal defense attorneys often find themselves beleaguered from all sides. It is important that they maintain mutual support and that they be as knowledgeable as possible about the issues they confront.

Please explore this web site for more information about what NCDAA offers, and then join us in this important work.

Mission Statement

The Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association was formed in 1985. The object and purpose of this organization are set out in the original articles of incorporation. They are as follows:

  1. The promotion of greater proficiency and effectiveness among its members in all phases of criminal defense litigation
  2. To sponsor, promote and encourage legislation and to foster any activity which will advance the legitimate objectives of its members in the practice of this area of law.
  3. To promote study and research in the field of criminal defense law and the related arts;
    To disseminate by lecture, seminars and publications, the advancement of the knowledge of the law as it relates to the field of criminal defense practice
  4. To promote the proper administration of criminal justice
  5. To foster, maintain and encourage the integrity of independence and expertise of the defense lawyer in criminal cases.
  6. To foster periodic meetings of the defense lawyers and to provide a forum for the material exchange of information regarding the administration of criminal justice and thereby concern itself with the protection of individual rights and the improvement of criminal law, its practice and procedures.