Bob Chaloupka Kick Ass Trial Skills Seminar

This year’s Bob Chaloupka Kick Ass Trial Skills Seminar is a month away, beginning at noon Mountain Time on Thursday, November 7 and ending at 1230 Mountain Time on Friday, November 8 in Scottsbluff, Nebraska (in time to get back to eastern Nebraska for the NCDAA Awards Banquet!). With all proceeds donated in equal shares to NATA, NCDAA and Trial Lawyers College, this destination program has a diverse and exciting lineup of speakers from civil and criminal law backgrounds. It is an opportunity for inspiration, motivation and fellowship (and CLE credit). To highlight two speakers who will share their wisdom on final argument:

To address final argument in criminal cases, we’ll present criminal defense lawyer Emily DeToto of Houston, Texas (where she is known as “Emily MF’in’ Detoto”):

Emily, who is an instructor for Trial Lawyers College, will teach us about final argument in cases where the facts are bad (which happens ever so occasionally in criminal cases) – “bad facts” like snitches, confessions, seemingly inculpatory DNA and other evidence that can make the prosecutor’s job easy. Emily will address ways to combat the bad facts – how to focus jurors on what is really at stake in a criminal trial, and on how to give jurors the tenacity to fight and the courage to acquit.

And this excellent hippie is personal injury lawyer Eric Fong, who comes to us from Port Orchard, Washington and tries cases throughout Washington State:

Eric is a partner in the Fort Collins, CO-based Metier Law Firm, a former public defender and an instructor for Trial Lawyers College. He will speak about final argument for damages in a personal injury case: how to inspire a group of people to do something they never thought possible. What motivates groups of people? What does the lawyer need to do to access that power to inspire? How do we work jury instructions into the damages argument? Eric will teach us about framing, empowerment of the jurors, and how to help jurors understand the value of health, strength and life that is on the line in a personal injury trial.

Our program is approved for CLE in Nebraska, Wyoming, Iowa and Colorado (including ethics credit in NE, WY and IA). You can register online via Paypal at Bring a friend and come to Scottsbluff in November for a fun and uplifting program, and great fellowship together in the name of a great Nebraska trial lawyer.