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nebraska criminal defense attorneys Association

Promoting Excellence in Criminal Defense


Legislative Committee-The Legislative the Committee is made up of members who review and track introduced legislation of interest to the NCDAA.
Newsletter Committee-
Members will coordinate publications regarding criminal defense issues
Seminar Committee-
Members work with the Executive Director to coordinate seminar presentations

Legislative Committee Members

Lobbyist - Spike Eickholt, Eickholt Law

  • Kristi Egger, Lancaster County Public Defender 
  • Tom Strigenz, Sarpy County Public Defender 
  • Gerry Piccolo, Hall County Public Defender   
  • Jennifer Houlden, Lancaster County Public Defender
  • Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs Alexander Law
  • Justin Kalemkiarian, Berry Law Firm
  • Sarah Newell, Berry Law Firm
  • Joseph Howard, DLT Law Group
  • Tim Noerrlinger, Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy 
  • Mark Porto, Porto Law Office
  • Tom Riley, Douglas County Public Defender   
  • Abbi Romshek, Douglas County Public Defender  
  • Lauren Walag, Douglas County Public Defender
  • Robert Williams, Williams Law 

nebraska criminal defense attorneys Association

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